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The second of the four festival weeks in the Greyhawk Calendar, Growfest represents the beginning of Low Summer. The Spring Equinox is the 4th of Growfest. The week is particularly sacred to Atroa, as well as the Old Faith.

The elves call Growfest Springrite, and spend the week around the equinox dancing and singing, involving themselves in nothing but merriment. All important decisions and actions are postponed by the elves until the week is over, with the significant exception that this is when most elven couples marry or announce their betrothals.

The faithful of Hextor call this time the Blooding; they observe this week with contents of strength, fitness, and skill, offering blood to propitiate their god.

Each festival week is marked by the aquamarine moon Celene shining full in the night sky.

Holidays and celebrations

The following holidays and celebrations take place during Growfest:


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