Spring Equinox

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The 4th of Growfest is the first day of Low Summer in Oerth's Calendar. This is the point where the sun crosses Oerth's equator. Holidays celebrated on this date include Saint Cuthbert's Day, the Feast of Edoira, the Spring Feast, and Raxivort's Orgy. This is also the day on which the priests of Tlaloc ritually sacrifice and eat the flesh of human children or babies in their patron's honor. Worshippers of Rillifane Rallathil celebrate the Budding on this day, a joyful celebration of new life celebrated through dance and song in oak groves in the heart of the forest. A ritual hunt of a noble heart is held on this day, after which the venison is eaten in celebration of Rillifane's bounty.

Also celebrated on this date is the Sanctification of Renewal, a sacred holiday to the followers of Garyx.


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