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I've been playing D&D since 1981 or so. I discovered the World of Greyhawk about 1982. I've been a Greyhawk DM since about 1986.

Around 1997, I discovered GreyTalk. After the birth of Canonfire!, I submitted a few articles & had them published on that website (one on Old Faith druids, one on specialty priests of Pelor, and one on the religious practices of the Rovers of the Barrens).

In November of 2005, I joined Wikipedia, where I started the World of Greyhawk Wikiproject & helped to significantly raise the presence of Greyhawk on Wikipedia. After spending more time than I care to defending fictional content from Wikipedia deltionists, and after seeing the Forgotten Realms Wiki, I approached Gary Holian about starting a stand-alone Greyhawk wiki (July 2007). Thanks to him, we now have it.

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Articles I've Written

To date, I've created no less than 146 Greyhawk articles for this wiki, though I first created many of them on Wikipedia before transferring them here. Due to the nature of wikis, however, an article I created may have more significant contributions from other users.

Canonfire! articles

The following are articles and reviews I've had published on Canonfire!.