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Greyhawk creature
Komazar, kurg, and rullhow bredthralls, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999). Art by Sam Wood.
Alignment Lawful neutral or neutral
Type Humanoid
Subtype None
First appearance The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999)

Bredthralls are slave races created through magical crossbreeding by the Scarlet Brotherhood.


Komazar are pathetic hybrids of humans and dwarves, born from attempts at recreating the ancient Suel creation of the derro. They have disproportionately short legs to make it harder for them to run away from their slave masters. They work the mines of the Scarlet Brotherhood. They communicate in grunts and gestures, though they're as intelligent as their human and dwarvish forebears. Most show Flan blood, though a few have been created from Suel that the Brotherhood decided did not merit anything more than slavery.


The kurg are large, hairy humanoids with tiny bovine horns. They are used for heavy labor. They are relatively unintelligent and as placid as cattle, becoming angry only if wounded. They feed mainly on grain.


Bizarre miscegenations of Olman slaves and small lemur-like creatures, the Scarlet Brotherhood use these small, furry creatures to keep their streets and buildings clean.