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Greyhawk creature
Ancient Flan tribesmen, as depicted in The Adventure Begins (1998). Art by David Roach.
Type Humanoid
Subtype Human
First appearance

Flan is generally used in reference to the Flan people, (sometimes called the "Flannae"), a race of humans of Oerth, though the term may also refer to the language and culture of said people. The Flan peoples were the first humans known to have settled the eastern portion of the continent of Oerik, the Flanaess, which is named for them. Regions of the Flanaess that contain a significant number of Flan peoples include Geoff, Sterich, the Rovers of the Barrens, Tenh, and the Wolf Nomads.

Pre-migrations Flan are described in the World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting's Guide to the World of Greyhawk as "hardy and capable hunters but not particularly warlike, and their small and scattered groups made no appreciable civilizing efforts." This is a simplification, for the Flan boast several pre-Migrations cultures, including those found at Sulm in the Bright Desert, Veralos on the edge of Rift Canyon, Tostenhca in the Griff Mountains, and several others. In ancient times, the Flan feared the Ur-Flan, rare mystics and necromancers who held entire tribes and kingdoms in bondage to their evil.

The traditional calendar of the Flan is called the Flan Tracking.


Pureblooded Flan boast a bronze-colored complexion, varying from a light copper shade to a deep brown hue. Eyes are typically dark brown, black, brown, or amber. Their wavy or curly hair is usually black, brown-black, dark brown, or brown.


Many Flan follow the Old Faith. The following deities make up the Flan pantheon:

Notable Flan kingdoms of pre-history

The following Flan kingdoms existed prior to the Great Migrations:


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