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{{Greyhawk Realm
{{Greyhawk Realm
|image = [[image:Zeif01.jpg]]
|image = [[image:Zeif01.jpg]]
|caption = Zeif's Coat of Arms
|caption = The arms of Zeif.
|name = Zeif
|name = Zeif
|motto = Rock of the West
|motto = Rock of the West

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Greyhawk Realm
The arms of Zeif.
Motto/Nickname Rock of the West
Region Baklunish West
Ruler Murad, Sultan of Zeif
Government Independent feudal monarchy with hereditary ruler
Capital Zeir-i-Zeif
Major Towns Antalotol (pop. 10,700), Ceshra (pop. 16,600), Dhabiya (pop. 14,900), Zeir-i-Zeif (pop. 43,500)
Provinces 38 timars; cities and towns and the lands surrounding them are governed by beys, deys, emirs, and pashas
Resources Foodstuffs, gems, horses, livestock
Coinage Magus (pp), efrit (gp), marid (ep), djinn (sp), dao (cp)
Population 1,628,300
Races Baklunish human (88%), Orc 10%, Halfling 1%, Other 1%
Languages Common, Ancient Baklunish, Baklunish dialects, Halfling, Orc
Alignments LN (dominant), N
Religions Istus, Al'Akbar, Mouqol, Geshtai, Xan Yae, other Baklunish gods
Allies Tusmit (sometimes), Paynims (sometimes)
Enemies Ekbir (sometimes), Tusmit (sometimes), Ket (sometimes), Paynims (sometimes), Knights of the Watch

Zeif is a political state in the World of Greyhawk. It is situated in the Baklunish Basin region of the Flanaess, on the southern shores of the Dramidj Ocean.


The native folk of Zeif are more or less pureblooded Baklunish.