Zagyg's Maze

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Greyhawk Plane
Zagyg's Maze
Type Demiplane
Layers One
Alignment No alignment trait
Native Inhabitants Crimson claws, phantom, apparition
Greyhawk Powers Zagyg (creator)

Zagyg's Maze, also called the Great Maze of Zagyg, is a magical demiplane located in the Deep Ethereal. It was, as its name implies, created by the demigod Zagyg.


Zagyg's Maze is a labyrinth made of the foglike substance of the Ethereal Plane. From without, it seems bigger than a mountain range. Its entrance resembles the face of a harlequin.

Entering Zagyg's Maze is tricky: it gets closer as visitors move away from it, and as they move toward it, the maze gets further away.

Zagyg will periodically restock the maze with new challenges and add new bait to attract adventurers with. At the time of the module Treasures of Greyhawk, it contains the Face of Xenous.