Wolf Nomads

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{{Greyhawk Realm |image = |caption = |name = Wegwiur |motto = |region = Bitter North |ruler = |government = |established = |capital = |major towns = |provinces = |resources = |coinage = |population = |races = Human |languages = |alignments = |religions = |allies = |enemie The Wolf Nomads, properly known as the Wegwiur, is a political state of the Flanaess. The name also applies to the tribes of nomadic horsemen who dwell within these lands.



The lands of the Wolf Nomads are situated in the Bitter North region of the Flanaess, north of Perrenland on the far shore of Lake Quag.


The native folk of the Wolf Nomads are primarily Baklunish with a great deal of genetic mixture with the Rovers of the Barrens, to the east. As a result of these Flan characteristics, Wolf Nomads have slightly darker complexions than their Tiger Nomad cousins.



The Wolf Nomads' coat of arms is blazoned thus: Sable, three wolves courant in pale gules..


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