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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Rainshroud, The Elder Breeze
Home Plane Elysium
Power Level Lesser
Gender Male
Alignment Neutral (good tendencies)
Portfolio Sky, Weather
Domains Air, Travel, Water, Weather
Alias(es) none
Superior none

Velnius is the Oeridian god of the Sky and Weather. His holy symbol is a bird perching upon a cloud.


Velnius appears as a tall, white-haired, middle-aged man wearing a feathered cloak from which water and bolts of lightning pour.


Velnius is Procan's eldest child, Merikka's cousin, and brother of Telchur, Atroa, Sotillion, and Wenta. He leads his siblings in their duties as the Oeridian agricultural gods (the Velaeri). As the most responsible member of his family, Velnius often finds himself supporting or taking over for his siblings when they are lax in their duties or overwhelmed. His family members are his chief allies, though he is also on good terms with many neutral and druidic deities. He opposes his sister Sotillion's brother-in-law, Kurell.


He can be found wandering throughout Elysium's layer of Eronia.


Velnius teaches that the necessities of life flow from the sky, the "dome of heaven." He brings rain to parched fields and deserts, and allows the sun to dry swamps and muddy roads. Velnius oversees all weather, no matter the wind's direction. All weather is a blessing from the Rainshroud, even droughts and storms; though they bring hardship, eventually they move on to where they are needed.


Velnius is usually worshiped with his siblings as part of the Velaeri, the Oeridian agricultural gods. He is thus revered by farmers and others who depend on the land's bounty, as well as travelers praying for good weather.


Velnius's priests often find themselves speaking on behalf of others, whether needed or not. They prefer talking over conflict, but once provoked can be very aggressive. Priests of Velnius during dry weather, and call for moderation when the weather becomes extreme. Like their god, they undertake long journeys, and work to counteract deviant weather caused by heretics or when the Rainshroud is otherwise occupied. Their favored weapon is the shortspear.


Places of worship to Velnius are often dedicated to the Velaeri as a whole. These locations are found throughout Oeridian lands, including Ahlissa, the Bone March, the Gran March, Highfolk, Ratik, Sunndi, the County of Urnst, and Veluna. Though worship of the Velaeri is forbidden in the Theocracy of the Pale, they are honored in secret by many farmers and country folk.

Myths and Legends

The Freezing of the World

One myth says that Velnius, who in this myth was Telchur's father, once left Telchur in charge of all the weather for a thousand years while the older god saw to other worlds in Greyspace. When Velnius returned to Oerth, he found Telchur had froze it completely, leaving room only for winter. Angered, he created three other siblings for the young god (Atroa, Sotillion, and Wenta), tasking them with ensuring that Telchur never again had so much control.


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