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Greyhawk Character
Tenmeris of Cranden
Homeland Great Kingdom
Gender Male
Race Human
Age Died in 75 CY

Tenmeris of Cranden was Overking of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. He was the last Overking of House Cranden.


Tenmeris was, by all reports, a stupid man, as small of brain "as his flatulent belly was vast." One of the few intelligent things he did as ruler is said to have been founding the Azure Masks; however, he neglected to provide for them after his death, and they drifted outside of Aerdy's control. The true power behind the throne was his wife, Yalranda, who succeeded him as the only Overqueen in the Great Kingdom's history.


Tenmeris was the husband of Overqueen Yalranda and the grandson of Nasran, the first Overking. Presumedly, Tenmeris was the father of Yalranda's oldest son, Manshen, the first of the Rax-Nyrond Overkings.


Tenmeris died in 75 CY.