Talisman of Zagy

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Greyhawk magic item
Talisman of Zagy
Body slot N/A
Caster level
First appearance Dungeon Master's Guide (1979).

The Talisman of Zagy is a powerful magic item of the world of Oerth.


The Talisman of Zagy resembles a stone of controlling earth elementals exactly, which is to say that it's an oddly-shaped bit of extrusive rock, shaped and roughly polished. The powers of the Talisman of Zagy are very different, however.


The powers of a Talisman of Zagy are exceedingly variable; the device can be either friendly or hostile to its owner. If it decides to be hostile, it acts as a stone of weight, abruptly becoming burdensomely heavy when its carrier is most in need of a quick escape. If its owner tries to destroy or discard it, it causes its owner damage of varying levels of severity and disappears, never to be seen again.

If the Talisman decides to be friendly, it will remain with its owner for many months (regardless of its owner's attempts to be rid of it), warning of danger and granting the occasional wish.

Alternatively, the Talisman may have a neutral reaction to its owner, in which case it will remain for 5-30 hours, or until the owner makes a wish, whichever comes first.

When the Talisman of Zagy disappears, it leaves behind a diamond worth at least 10,000 gold pieces.


The Talisman of Zagy is a creation of the mysterious Zagy.


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