Sheldomar River

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The Sheldomar River is the broadest river in the Sheldomar Valley. It has its headwaters in the Rushmoors and its mouth in the Azure Sea. The Sheldomar serves as a border between Keoland and its neighbors, the Gran March, the County of Ulek, the Duchy of Ulek and the Principality of Ulek.


The Sheldomar is a half a mile wide for approximately half of its length. It is navigable from the Kingdom of Keoland's port city of Gradsul to Niole Dra, the kingdom's capital city. From there, barge traffic wends its way as far north as the city of Shiboleth, in the Gran March.

Features and settlements

The river flows past the cities of Shiboleth, Axeguard of the Duchy of Ulek, Niole Dra, and Gradsul.