Return to Quag Keep

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Greyhawk Source
Return to Quag Keep
Return to Quag Keep01.jpg
Type Novel
Code/ Abbreviation RtQK
Edition n/a
Author(s) Andre Norton and Jean Rabe
First Published 2006
Series Quag Keep
Return to Quag Keep
Classification Apocryphal

Return to Quag Keep is a novel by Andre Norton and Jean Rabe. It is a sequel to Norton's 1979 novel Quag Keep. Unlike Quag Keep, which contained references to Greyhawk locations such as the Free City of Greyhawk and the Sea of Dust, the sequel has no Greyhawk-specific content, following the characters from the original novel in a nonspecific fantasy world.


Seven role-playing gamers from Earth are trapped in the world of their game. One of them is dying, and wants to get home. After fighting off a group of undead, the party encounters the thief Berthold, who tells them he is also from Earth, and offers an explanation to their mutual predicament. The group returns to Quag Keep to search for an imprisoned wizard they missed the first time around.


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