Red Fox

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Greyhawk Deity
Red Fox
Home Plane
Power Level Lesser
Gender male
Class(es) Thief 14, Illusionist 6 (avatar)
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Crafts, Thievery
Superior none

The most clever of the animal spirits worshiped by the Rovers of the Barrens, Red Fox is credited with teaching men crafts and bringing them the gift of fire. His true form is that of a giant fox with bright red fur.


Red Fox hopes for increased contact between the Rovers and the forces for good in the outside world. He opposes the Horned Society and their corruptive influence on his people. Red Fox values cleverness, for he is as tricky as his namesake.


Priests of Red Fox must defend foxes whenever they encounter one in danger.

Creative Origins

Red Fox was created by David Howery as a chaotic good version of Coyote from the American Indian mythos in 2nd edition Legends & Lore.