Oeridian Record

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The Oeridian Record (abbreviated OR, and called Oerid Reckoning in Doc's Island) is a method of counting the years among the Oeridian people. It is commonly used for dates prior to Year 1 in the Common Year calendar, and by many Oeridian-settled nations that were never part of the Great Kingdom.

Year 1 in the Common Year (CY) calendar is equivalent to 645 in the Oeridian Record. -1 CY is equivalent to 644 OR.

In ancient times the Oeridians were nomads who wandered the central plains of Oerik west of the Tyurzi Mountains. In the year 1 of the Oeridian Record, while the Baklunish-Suloise Wars were threatening to overwhelm the Oeridian homelands, it was proclaimed that the destiny of the Oeridian race lay far to the east, on the shores of an ocean that birthed the rising sun. So began the Great Migrations that brought the Oeridians all the way to the Solnor Ocean.