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Greyhawk Deity
Nola's holy symbol, as depicted in The Scarlet Brotherhood (1999).
Home Plane Prime Material Plane
Power Level Intermediate
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral good
Portfolio Sun
Domains Air, Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun
Alias(es) None
Superior Uvot

Nola is the Touv goddess of the Sun. Her symbol is a gold or copper image of the sun.


Nola is depicted as a Touv woman of serene beauty, her head surrounded by a corona of flame.


Nola is the first being created by Uvot, who brought her to life by thanking the warm sun for blessing the land, that the land might create Uvot.

Nola admired Vogan, the god of rain and storms, the aspect of one complementing the other, both enriching their father Uvot. Vogan and Nola became the parents of Breeka, goddess of beasts and plants. Uvot blessed Nola, and she gave birth to Xanag, goddess of metals and beauty, born from Uvot's earth and shining with the fire of her mother.

All the gods were born under Nola's light except for Meyanok, who was born in darkness and pain and resented all the others for this. Meyanok gave birth to three dark spawn of his own.


As a greater spirit of nature, Nola is associated with the physical sun itself rather than any otherplanar realm. Her essence shines on the land of mortals, filling it with her life-giving light.


Nola represents the life-giving power of sunlight and its ability to reveal things that would otherwise be hidden by darkness. She is a nurturing force that abhors deadly cold and those who destroy things before they fully develop.



Nola's priests and shamans are concerned with the growth and development of living things, especially children. Her adventuring priests see themselves as parental figures watching over their companions and helping them mature. Their favored weapon is the javelin, and they may also wield the atl-atl, dagger, hand axe, short bow, and spear. On ceremonial occasions, they wear a headdress and collar of copper and gold.

Creative origins

Nola is named for a college friend of Sean K. Reynolds's.[1]


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