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Greyhawk Settlement
Motto/Nickname Unknown
Realm Pomarj; formerly Wild Coast
Authority Figures

Newtemple is a small settlement on the Wild Coast.


Newtemple is deep within the territory conquered by the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj, in hex F4-96 on the Darlene map. The nearest town, Broken Wagon, is 15 miles to the north, and it has fallen to humanoid invaders.

A temple of Pelor in the town, which gives the settlement its name, has a handful of priests staffing it. The temple has whitewashed walls and a beautiful window of stained glass. Its tower is topped by a glass dome.

On the southern border of the parish is a 60' high ruined tower called Northern Watch. It was once a watchtower for the city of Beachcourt, which is now ruins.


The people of Newtemple are mostly human craftsmen. They believe all magic except for healing magic to be an affront to the gods. Weapons are forbidden within Newtemple.


In 5249 SD (-267 CY), a group of priests and followers of Trithereon fled persecution in Keoland and built a temple and settlement on the Wild Coast. The settlement lasted until 412 CY, when the entire population died of plague. The temple was rebuilt and reconsecrated as a church of Pelor in 480 CY, and around this nexus the community was able to begin again.

In 583 CY, a group of rakshasas infiltrated the temple. A prophecy in their possession led them to believe (mistakenly) that the church was built on a temple of their god Ravanna. Soon they had killed and replaced the priests of Pelor, charming the locals into helping them excavate the catacombs.

In 584 CY, the area was invaded by forces from the Pomarj, but the prowess of the rakshasas kept the community safe while they continued about their fell work. They have killed a few humans too many, however, and in 585 CY the church of Pelor in the Free City of Greyhawk began sending parties of investigators to see what was rotten in the parish.