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Greyhawk Holiday
Needfest, as depicted in The Adventure Begins (1998). Art by David Roach.
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Needfest 1-7
Type Varies
Observed by Flanaess-wide
Significance First week of the new year

The festival week of Needfest marks the beginning of a new year. In the Domain of Greyhawk, this is a period to celebrate life during the most frigid and miserable of seasons, a time of merrymaking and overindulgence. Among those who can afford such luxuries, yellow candles, evergreen branches, and magical lights are used as decorations.

Specific holidays observed during Needfest include Midwinter Night (Needfest 4) and the Feast of Fools (Freeday, Needfest 7). Olidammara's Feast of the Doubling Dare also takes place during Needfest.

In Hardby, the Gynarch appears on Needfest 7 to walk about town, talking with the townsfolk and granting petitions. Unlike the leaders of Greyhawk City during of the Feast of Fools, she does not tolerate being mocked.

In Narwell, Needfest is celebrated without pomp or glamor, and food is not shared. On Freeday of that week, Frostbite Run is a local event involving contestants dressed only in boots and loincloths running around the city walls - the winner gets a small kettle of gold coins.