Mines of Dumathoin

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Greyhawk Plane
Mines of Dumathoin
Type Fading Land
Alignment unknown
Native Inhabitants Inorganic objects
Greyhawk Powers Dumathoin (associated)

The Mines of Dumathoin, named for the dwarven god Dumathoin, are a bizarre Fading Land where the roles of organic and inorganic life are reversed. In the Mines of Dumathoin, stones, gems, gases, pit supports, and mining tools talk, sing, frolic, and require food and air. Creatures such as lizards, fish, and fungi are unmoving and still, behaving and existing exactly as stones do on the Prime Material Plane. The living objects of the Mines of Dumathoin are said to have great knowledge they can share.

The Mines of Dumathoin can be accessed beneath the Stark Mounds.