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Greyhawk Character
MacDaer, as depicted in Dungeon #13.
Homeland Nol-Daer (Wild Coast)
Gender Male
Race Cambion
Age 46 (born 100+ years ago)
Class Thief 7, Magic-user 5
Alignment Chaotic evil

MacDaer is the cambion master of the ruined castle Nol-Daer.


MacDaer appears human, except for his glowing red eyes, vestigial horns, and misshapen ears. He carries bracers of defense, an amulet of the Abyss, and an intelligent long sword.


MacDaer is the son of the Demara the Enchantress and a "conjured demonic friend" whose identity has not been revealed. He was fostered in the Abyss by Arzial, a cambion son of Graz'zt. He has a number of spriggan servants and is allied with a pair of black dragons.


MacDaer was born over a century ago to Demara the Enchantress, a magic-user of some renown (after an 11-month pregnancy). Realizing that her son's fiendish features would prevent him from being accepted among humans, she arranged for him to be fostered in the fortress of Arzial. Growing to manhood among demons, Arzial first learned the arts of thieving but then, growing bored with that, turned to the arcane arts. After reaching 5th level as a mage, he encountered some kind of mental block; he could understand greater magics, but more powerful spells simply would not go right for him. His mentor speculated his mother might have had the same problem, and suggested he travel to her castle, Nol-Daer, and look to see if the solution was in her spellbook. Upon arriving in Nol-Daer, however, he discovered that while he had only experienced 46 years of life from his perspective, more than 100 years had passed on the Prime Material Plane while he was away. Nol-Daer was in ruins, having been destroyed 50 years ago by a passing orc army, and neither Demara nor her spellbook was anywhere to be found.

Excavating the ruins in search of his mother's library, he came across a collapsed cavern in which a mated pair of black dragons, former pets of his mother, had been trapped for decades. Forging an uneasy alliance with the dragons, MacDaer gained their permission to continue digging in exchange for his promise to enlarge the entrance enough for them to escape. A mining mishap resulted in several of MacDaer's spriggan servants being killed, however, and the female dragon being injured. MacDaer managed to repair relations with the dragons by bribing them heavily and renewing his promise to free them. He has taken to kidnapping dwarves from a local mine to aid him in this task, using summoned manes from the Abyss to help enforce the dwarves' obedience.


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