Lortmil Mountains

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The Lortmil Mountains are a chain of low mountains located in the central part of the Flanaess, forming the eastern border of the Sheldomar Valley.


The Lortmils are noted for their gem and precious metal deposits.


The Lortmils are home to many dwarves, gnomes, and halflings; human settlements are scattered throughout the hills as well, as are scattered flocks of aarakocras.

The Lortmils were once the home of considerable orcish and goblinoid settlements, but these were driven into the Pomarj during the Hateful Wars.

Features and settlements

The hidden valley of Esmerin, home to a mixed community of tallfellow halflings and stone giants, is somewhere within the Lortmil Mountains. The village of Thrunch is also in the Lortmils, within the borders of the Principality of Ulek.