Feast of Edoira

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Greyhawk Holiday
Feast of Edoira
Frequency Annual
Date(s) Growfest 4
Type Religious; regional
Observed by Greyhawk's churches of Rao, Pelor, Heironeous, and Mayaheine; Greyhawk citizens
Significance Greyhawk's interfaith festival.

The Feast of Edoira is a holiday celebrated in the Domain of Greyhawk on Growfest 4, during the Spring Equinox. It is named after Edoira, a priest of Rao who centuries ago established the Edoiran Compact, a pact by which many of the lawful good-aligned faiths and people of the Domain could agree to cooperate. The Compact was later extended to non-lawful good and neutral faiths.

Edoira was never deified but was revered by many good faiths in the Domain. The holiday was marked by religious services on Godsday of Growfest led by the clerics of the good faiths who partook of the Compact, and secular festivals by the ordinary citizenry. Observance of the holiday has declined over the years, though the clergies of Rao and Pelor still hold their traditional interfaith services, with occasional participation by the priesthoods of Heironeous and Mayaheine. Since the end of the Greyhawk Wars most of the Domain's outlying communities no longer observe the holiday. Only one church in Safeton still does so.