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Democratic Republic.
Democratic Republic.
===Administrative Divisions===
===Administrative Divisions===
One of the five high districts of the Yeomanry.
One of the five high districts of The Yeomanry League.
===Executive Branch===
===Executive Branch===
A Grosspokesman.
A Grosspokesman.

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Greyhawk Settlement
Realm The Yeomanry League
Size Unknown
Established Unknown
Government Democratic Republic
Alignment LG*, LN, CG, CN
Population 4,400
Races Human, Halfling, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, half-Elf, half-Orc
Languages Common, Keolandish, Halfling, Elven
Religions Phaulkon, Heironeous, Fortubo, Allitur, Trithereon, Fharlanghn, Delleb, Zilchus, Joramy, Kord, Norebo, halfling and dwarven pantheons
Authority Figures Unknown

Farvale is a city in the The Yeomanry League and the governmental "Seat" of one of the nation's five high districts.


Geography and climate

Farvale is located in the northwestern portion of the Yeomanry near the junction of the Jotens and the Crystalmists mountain ranges.


The inhabitants of Farvale are humans of Suel, Flan and Oeridian mix, with halflings, elves, dwarves and gnomes comprising most of the demi-human population, with a sprinkling of half-elves and half-orcs as well.


Farvale has a population of 4,400.


Congregations of Phaulkon, Heironeous, Allitur, Fortubo, Trithereon, Zilchus, Fharlanghn, Kord, Norebo, Delleb, Joramy can be found here, as well as those dedicated to the halfling and dwarven pantheons.


Common, Keolandish, Elven, Halfling


Democratic Republic.

Administrative Divisions

One of the five high districts of The Yeomanry League.

Executive Branch

A Grosspokesman.

Legislative Branch

Council of Common Grosspokesmen in Loftwick.





Freegold (gp), halfgold (ep), silver (sp), common (cp).



The Yeomanry military consist of polearms, spearmen, crossbowmen, slingers and small calvary untis. The demi-human population contributes elven bowmen and spearmen, dwarven mailed foot and halfling light troops. A garrison is maintained at Farvale.


Recent giant raids from the Jotens have threatened Farvale and the capital of Loftwick as well.