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Greyhawk Character
Evard, as depicted in Dungeon #107
Homeland Bissel
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Wizard (Conjurer) 16
Alignment Neutral Evil

Evard, also known as Evard the Black, is an archmage responsible for developing such spells as Evard's Black Tentacles. Evard is known to operate from the Sheldomar Valley, where he deals as an information broker.


Evard is a man of sturdy build and average musculature, with pale skin and long dark hair. He wears rich clothing, often belted with a white sash, and a large purple gemstone hangs from his throat. He is a charming man with a ready grin.

Evard was originally a minor noble in the March of Bissel. He came to be a very successful broker of information, and many sages and loremasters send him knowledge in return for solving vexing questions of their own. If he doesn't know something, someone in his network does. He is ambitious and cunning, and will readily betray his allies if it suits him. He can be found in any of the major cities of the Sheldomar.


Evard was once a good friend of Mordenkainen, but now counts him as an enemy.


Born a minor noble in Bissel, Evard has since become disgraced by his peers. He is possibly tied to an insurrection of necromancers in Bissel in 580 CY, which led to a harsh suppression of fringe groups and increased punishment for the crimes of treason and sedition.


In addition to the commonly known spell, Evard's Black Tentacles, Evard has also developed the following spells:

  • Evard's All-Seeing Worm
  • Evard's Menacing Tentacles


Evard is known to have authored the following works:

  • Legendry of Phantoms and Ghosts

Evard in the Living Greyhawk campaign

In the Living Greyhawk campaign, Evard is portrayed as a necromancer, and with his Ur-Flan allies he conquered Thornward in Sunsebb of 594 CY, and attempted to conquer all of Bissel with his undead army. After many battles, he was finally killed in Sunsebb of 595 CY.


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