Eric L. Boyd

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Greyhawk Author
Eric L. Boyd
Nationality United States
First Greyhawk work "The Crook of Rao" in Oerth Journal #3

Eric L. Boyd is a software engineer who has written articles and books for the Greyhawk and Forgotten Realms settings.

Greyhawk works

Other notable works

  • Boyd, Eric L. Demihuman Deities. Renton, WA: TSR, 1998.
  • -----. "World Serpent Inn." Dragon #351. Bellevue, WA: Paizo Publishing, January 2007.
  • Boyd, Eric L, and Erik Mona. Faiths and Pantheons. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 2002.
  • Greenwood, Ed, Eric L. Boyd, and Darrin Drader. Serpent Kingdoms. Renton, WA: Wizards of the Coast, 2004.