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Greyhawk Character
Homeland Castle Greyhawk, presumably
Gender Male
Race Human

Egg was a personage found on the seventh level of one of the incarnations of Castle Greyhawk, where he hosted a game show of sorts for the benefit of the bee people on the level. He was described as a "large, ovoid-shaped man with graying beard and poor eyesight" who was also characterized as "wordy." His quiz involved (naturally) bees, but with the final round being devoted to all manner of questions relating to polearms.

Little is known of Egg's fate, nor of his early history.

Publishing History

Egg appeared solely in the joke module Castle Greyhawk. With the module being relegated to the status of apocryphal, the character's canonicity is in doubt.

Creative Origins

Egg was intended as a parody of E. Gary Gygax (whose initials are E.G.G.), who had recently left TSR after a legal battle with Brian and Kevin Blume. The references to the physical description of the character and his affinity for polearms (even referencing the lengthy section on polearms in Unearthed Arcana) makes this clear.