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{{Greyhawk Realm
{{Greyhawk Realm
|image = [[Image:Duchy of Urnst01.jpg]]
|image = [[Image:Duchy of Urnst01.jpg]]
|caption = The arms of the Duchy of Urnst, as depicted in the ''[[Living Greyhawk Gazetteer]] (2000)''.
|caption = The arms of the Duchy of Urnst, as depicted in the ''[[Living Greyhawk Gazetteer]]'' (2000).
|name = Duchy Palatine of Urnst
|name = Duchy Palatine of Urnst
|motto =  
|motto =  

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Greyhawk Realm
Duchy Palatine of Urnst
Duchy of Urnst01.jpg
The arms of the Duchy of Urnst, as depicted in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000).
Region Old Aerdy West
Ruler Duke Karll Lorinar
Government Independent feudal monarchy
Capital Leukish
Major Towns Leukish, Nellix, Seltaren, Nyrstran, Pontyrel, Goldplain
Resources Foodstuffs, silver, electrum, gold, platinum, gemstones
Coinage [Modified Aerdy] sterling duke (pp), gold duke (gp), bright (ep), shield (sp), common (cp)
Population 751,850
Languages Common, Halfling, Elvish
Religions Saint Cuthbert, Pelor, the halfling pantheon, Lydia
Allies County of Urnst

The Duchy of Urnst, properly known as the Duchy Palatine of Urnst, is a political state of the Flanaess.



As of 591 CY, the most populous towns are Leukish (pop. 22,300), Nellix (pop. 13,400), Seltaren (pop. 9,800), Nyrstran (pop. 8,600), Pontyrel (pop. 7,550), and Goldplain (pop. 6,700).



As of 591 CY, the population of the Duchy of Urnst totaled 751,850 persons, the vast majority (almost 80%) being humans of mainly Suel descent. Elves, gnomes, halflings, dwarves, half-elves, and half-orcs make up the remainder of the population.


The most popular deities among the Duchy's citizens are Saint Cuthbert (mainly among residents of rural regions), Pelor, the halfling pantheon, and Lydia.


The most widely-spoken languages in the Duchy of Urnst include Common, Halfling, and Elven.


The coat of arms of the Duchy of Urnst, including crest and supporters, as depicted in The Ghost Tower of Inverness (1980). Color altered from original black. Charge should be proper.

The Duchy of Urnst is an independent feudal monarchy (theoretically owing fealty to the old Great Kingdom) with hereditary rulership currently held by His Most Lordly Grace Karll Lorinar, the Duke of Urnst, Warden of the Abbor-Alz. The Honorable Chamber is a contingent of noble and high-born Suel that serves as the Duke's advisors.

The national capital is Leukish.


The Duchy of Urnst's coat of arms is blazoned thus: Vert, a brown bear rampant proper.



The Duchy of Urnst is noted for producing a variety of foodstuffs, and mining operations produce silver, electrum, gold, platinum, and gemstones of all qualities.


The Duchy's standard coinage is based on Aerdy's system and consists of the platinum sterling duke (pp), gold gold duke (gp), electrum bright (ep), silver shield (sp), and copper common (cp).




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