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The Dreadwood is a large forest ranging across the southern provinces of the Kingdom of Keoland, separating the kingdom from the Hool Marshes.


Flora and fauna


A royal grant cedes control of most of the Dreadwood to the elves, who inturn act as the crown's representatives in protecting the forest. The wood also serves as home to Reynard Yargrove who is the Great Druidess of the Sheldomar Valley and a servant of Obad-Hai.

Keoish royal garrisons are placed around and within the forest. The garrisons and elves constantly battle evil creatures in an effort to clear the forest of them, but these efforts have been in vain. In addition, forces from the Hold of the Sea Princes and monsters from the Hool Marshes use the Dreadwood as a type of highway to raid the kingdom's southern provinces. These groups are battled as well and this takes a considerable toll on the soldiers of the garrisons and the elves of the forest.

Features and settlements

The village of Grayhill, administrative seat of Keoland's Barony of Grayhill, is located in the northern Dreadwood.