Court of Rings

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Greyhawk Plane
Court of Rings
Type Fading Land
Alignment Unknown
Native Inhabitants Fey
Greyhawk Powers The Seelie Court, the Cat Lord

The Court of Rings is a Fading Land ruled by the fey. Avatars of the Seelie Court are said to hunt there, and the Cat Lord is said to have a bower on the plane. It's conceivable that the Court of Rings and the Seelie Court are one and the same. The Seelie Court often appears in the Beastlands layer of Brux, which is where the Cat Lord's Prowl is.

An entrance to the Court of Rings is said to exist somewhere in the Welkwood, which makes it likely to be associated with Canryell's Well, which is also linked to the Fading Lands and the fey.


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