Cobb Darg

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Greyhawk Character
Cobb Darg
Cobb Darg01.jpg
His Honor Cobb Darg, as depicted in the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer (2000).
Homeland Free City of Irongate
Gender Male
Race unknown
Age 150+
Class unknown
Alignment unknown

Cobb Darg is a clever and wily man of ambiguous race and background who serves as Lord Mayor of the Free City of Irongate.


Cobb Darg appears basically human, though his height, build, facial features, affinity with the dwarven people, and advanced age make some suspect he may have dwarven blood. Others have speculated he might even be a shapeshifted dragon. Still others think he may just be a human man who has managed to magically extend his life.


Cobb Darg's closest friend may be Elayne Mystica, but as Irongate's longest-reigning mayor he has many allies throughout his city and beyond, including the Splintered Mind and Azure Masks. He has been a member of the Iron League's inner sanctum for as long as any but the elves and dwarves remember.

Cobb Darg has an alliance with Bigby.


Cobb Darg was born before the Turmoil Between Crowns over a century and a half ago, and was a member of the Iron League since its inception. He worked for the League as a diplomat and a spy before briefly joining Irongate's city council. He was elected for his fifth successive ten-year term as Lord Mayor in 590 CY.