Blemu Hills

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The Blemu Hills stretch from the coast of the Solnor Ocean westward, following the Teesar Torrent to the Bone March city of Knurl.


Flora and fauna


The Blemu Hills were once home to gnomes and humans, but ogres, gnolls, orcs and other such evil brigands grew into such large numbers that the hills became infamous for their hazards. Merely thirty years ago, after the fall of the Bone March, the influx of these evilly-aligned creatures overwhelmed the gnome and human populations. These non-humans now range the Blemu Hills at will, exploring the long abandoned mines and making their homes in them.

Features and settlements

The fortress of the death knight Lord Monduiz Dephaar, the "Dread Lord of the Hills," is located in the eastern Blemu Hills.

The central portion of the Blemu Hills is weather worn and relatively low level, making the range easy to cross in this area.

The hills run north and south along the Solnor Ocean for some miles. The town of Bellport, of the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy is located on the coast at the southern end of the range, while the town of Johnsport, of Bone March, also located on the coast, occupies the northern edge.

The Bone March city of Knurl is located at the extreme southern tip of the Blemu Hills. And the North Kingdom town of Red Falls is located just across the Teesar Torrent from the Blemu Hills, just to the north of the Adri Forest.


The Dragon-Scale Tome, a treatise on magical artifacts by Timonas of Jalpa, speaks of a "Gnomelord of Blemu" who once possessed the Hand of Vecna.

Creative origins

Gary Gygax has said there was no intentional connection between the Blemu Hills and Brian Blume.[1]