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Greyhawk Realm
Principality of Atirr
Motto/Nickname Pride of the East
Region Old Aerdy East
Ruler Prince Elkerst
Government Principality owing fealty to North Kingdom
Capital Atirr
Major Towns Atirr
Resources Fish, Wood, Furs, Shellfish, Kelp, Fishing, Whaling
Coinage [Modified Aerdy] Dragon (pp), crown (gp), noble (ep), penny (sp), common (cp), wheel (iron piece, 20 ip = 1 cp)
Population 19,700 (city only)
Races Human (OFs)
Languages Common
Religions Procan, Hextor, Kurell
Allies Ratik, Frost Barbarians, Snow Barbarians

Atirr is the name of a walled city in the North Kingdom of Aerdy. The lands surrounding and subject to the city are known as the Principality of Atirr.


Atirr was the capital of North Province back in the days when it was ruled by House Atirr (134 CY-223 CY), until House Naelax regained the throne. The reign of House Atirr over North Province was comparatively enlightened, and the region thrived under its hand.


The city of Atirr lies on the Trask River, about 35 miles from the Solnor coast.


The architecture of the city of Atirr is spartan but functional for the most part; in the oldest quarter, the thatched roofs are carefully coated with oil. The walls are very well defended; the defenders use flaming oil made from walrus fat, fiery oils, and cannon-like devices that shoot fireballs and meteor swarms.



The population of the city of Atirr stands at 19,700 persons, as of 591 CY.


The most powerful church here is that of Procan, who has a large cathedral dedicated to him in the city. Hextor's cult is small and mistrusted, mostly because Elkerst knows that the faithful of Hextor are loyal to Grenell.



Though owing fealty to North Kingdom, Atirr keeps itself apart from the schemes of Grenell and the House of Naelax, much to the latter's displeasure, but it has the support of many Torquann nobles. Laws in Atirr are harsh and thievery is punished severely. Slavery is a common punishment for even trivial crimes.

Executive branch

Atirr is ruled by Prince Elkerst of House Torquann.


The city of Atirr is an important trade city on the Trask River (about 35 miles from the Solnor coast), accepting many goods shipped up the Flanmi River further south and also trading heavily with the barbarians to the north.



Notable locations

The College of Endings and Beginnings

The College of Endings and Beginnings is the city's assassin's guild, closely tied to the church of Kurell.


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