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This timeline chronicles relevant events leading up to the Age of Worms adventure path for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

As the World of Greyhawk is the default setting for the Age of Worms adventure path, all dates use the Common Year reckoning system.


  • Tomb of Icosiol constructed below fields of Pesh. (DNG#129)

c -905 CY

  • Kyuss comes to prominence, ruling the jungle city of Kuluth-Mar. With assistance from a spell weaver lich, Kyuss attempts to ascend to godhood. (DNG#130)

c 495

  • The City of Greyhawk nationalizes the Cairn Hills smelting trade. (Dungeon #124.62)

525 CY

  • A mine collapses near Diamond Lake. Over 300 miners die in the disaster. (DNG#124.62)

c 535 CY

  • The Seeker Ulavant leads an expedition into the Whispering Cairn, where the entire band meets its death. (DNG#124)

c 545 CY

  • Ulgo Fant's iron mine near the Whispering Cairn goes dry. (DNG#124.16; DR#333.62)
  • Ragnolin Dourstone of Greysmere, after intentionally collapsing part of one of his family's mines on his agitating workers, is run out of Greysmere and moves to Diamond Lake, where he acquires the rights to some of the mines in that region of the Cairn Hills. (DNG#124.52; AoWO.22)

553 CY

555 CY

  • Felanore, a young giantess of the Cairn Hills, is captured by members of the Diamond Lake Garrison and "granted" to the owner of the Spinning Giant to serve as mascot. Thereafter, she becomes known as "Flailing" Felanore. (DNG#124.58)

564 CY

565 CY

569 CY

c 573 CY

  • Zeech returns to Alhaster, assumes command of Alhaster’s naval forces.

575 CY

  • Zeech’s father dies, his elder brother Zered becomes viscount of Alhaster. Zered has Zeech & his “privateers” arrested. Zeech conspires with Lashonna to have Zered killed in a hunting accident, inherits the viscounty. Zeech restore Lashonna to chief minister. Zeech’s lover, the erinyes Evralanya, also becomes a key advisor.
  • Izenfen the Occluded, Mistress of the Twilight Monastery in the Cairn Hills, refuses to use the Censer of Symmetry to predict unclaimed ore deposits for a cadre of miners from nearby Diamond Lake. The miners invade the monastery, seeking to steal the Censer, but fail, though Izenfen's daughter Imonoth dies in the conflict. In retaliation, Izenfen gathers her best warriors and sends them into Diamond lake, where all fifteen survivors of the ill-fated raid are assassinated. This event becomes commemorated yearly as Darkstar's Kiss. (AoWO.20)
  • Lazare wins Greyhawk dragonchess championship and uses winnings to buy a mine in the Cairn Hills northeast of Diamond Lake. (DNG#124.53)

576 CY

  • The Red Death strikes Alhaster late in the year. Ebon Triad rebels. Evralanya uses the orthodox Hextor cult that she has been nurturing in the region as rabble rousers to gather mobs to root out the Triad cultists. A popular Cuthbertine cleric named Rhorsk also helps rally the people of Alhaster against the cultists. Ebon Triad uprising put down by Zeech. Some Ebon Triad cells rooted out by Zeech; others flee Alhaster or go into hiding.
  • Rhorsk begins preaching sermons suggesting that the Red Death was in fact a divine punishment sent by the gods against the Alhasterites for tolerating evil, lawless elements in their midst.

577 CY

  • Rhorsk publishes his “History of Alhaster,” as relations between Zeech and his liege lord, Earl Holmer of the Shield Lands, are deteriorating.
  • Zeech secedes from the Shield Lands and breaks with the Knights of Holy Shielding. Civil war ensues, as most of the small Shield Knight contingent in Alhaster mutinies against Zeech’s increasingly unjust rule and attempts to overthrow him, accusing Zeech of being a “fallen paladin.” The coup attempt is defeated with help from loyal vassals of the viscount, especially Lord Kilraven, who hastens to the city with his border contingent on hearing news of the uprising. Evralanya’s Hextor cultists also help out. In the wake of the coup, some of the rebellious Shield Knights take sanctuary in the temple of Saint Cuthbert, as Rhorsk is somewhat suspicious of Zeech and sympathetic to the rebels’ cause. Evralanya’s Hextorians stir up a mob to burn the rebels out, and Rhorsk is trapped in the basement.
  • Remaining Shield Knights of Alhaster are rounded up and crucified on what is now known as “Traitor’s Island.”
  • Zeech negotiates his entry into the Combination of Free Lords (AKA the Bandit Kingdoms) to deter any attempts by the Shield Knights or Earl Holmer to force Alhaster back into the Shield Lands. He names his newly autonomous state “The Principality of Redhand,”& adopts a new flag reflecting the name change: a bloody severed hand on a field of white.
  • Zeech establishes a police state. Evalanya sets up the Blessed Angels. Zeech has the remains of the Heironean temple, badly damaged during the brief civil war, razed to make way for a glorious Hextorian cathedral, and the worship of Hextor becomes Redhand’s state religion. The cults of Wee Jas and Kord, which had remained neutral in the civil war, are allowed to stay, but discouraged from proselytizing.

578 CY

579 CY

c 580 CY

  • Lashonna discovers that Evralanya has made a soul bargain with Zeech, granting him a wish that he could retain his youthful good looks for as long as he lived, in exchange for giving up his soul to her in death. Lashonna sees Evralanya as a threat to her control over Alhaster, and thus to her plans to make Alhaster the site of Kyuss’ return. Lashonna plants evidence to frame Evralanya as the originator of the Ebon Triad heresy, and uses that evidence to turn Evalanya’s lieutenant, the captain of the Blessed Angels, against Evralanya. The two kidnap Evralanya and take her to a lonely moor north of the town, where Lashonna personally smashes the soul bind gem that kills Evralanya, who is now imprisoned in Hextor’s palace, serving punishment for her failure and unable to return to the material plane to take her vengeance. Zeech is freed from Evralanya’s power, but his sanity is damaged. Lashonna and the erinyes lieutenant cover up their deed, portraying Evralanya’s kidnapping and murder as the deed of agents of the Knights of Holy Shielding (and framing some poor ordinary bandits who confess to the deed and repeat the fabricated story under torture in Zeech’s presence).
  • Lashonna ties Zeech more closely to herself. She whispers lies in his ear and uses her power over his dreams to cause him to have delusions of grandeur, imagining himself as the “chosen son” of Hextor, and stimulating work on the Great Project.
  • Seeing Zeech’s attachment to his cambion daughter, Hemriss, Lashonna and the captain of the Blessed Angels provide her with training and guidance and have Zeech set her up as a sort of enforcer in the Alhaster countryside, leader of a band of “warrior gypsies” who rove the land looking for (and liquidating) Zeech’s enemies.

581 CY

583 CY

585 CY

  • Professor Montague Marat's traveling sideshow comes to Diamond Lake. The Professor is seduced by, and joins forces with, Zalamandra to create the Emporium. (DNG#124.52)

586 CY


c 586 CY

  • Driven by his delusionary dreams, Zeech begins work on the Great Project, a monument to himself that will (in his mind) ensure his ascension to his rightful place at Hextor’s right hand. In reality, the project is Lashonna’s idea, and its imminent completion (circa 596) indicates that the Age of Worms draws nigh.

589 CY

  • Local Diamond Lake girl vanishes, devoured by a snake in the Whispering Cairn. Visits to the cairn by Diamond Lake's youth taper off. (DNG#124)

592 CY

593 CY

  • Blackwall Keep's battlemage goes off on his own on a diplomatic mission to see the Twisted Branch tribe in the Mistmarsh. He is infected by Kyuss worms & transforms into a spawn of Kyuss. He is imprisoned in a half-finished tunnel beneath Blackwall Keep. (DNG #126)
  • A small cell of Vecna cultists led by the Faceless One unearths evidence of spawn of Kyuss in the Cairn Hills south of Diamond Lake. Knowing that Vecna himself had once conducted experiments in the same region, the Faceless One leads his band to Diamond Lake, where they discover Vecna's old laboratory located deep underground, near a mine owned by Ragnolin Dourstone. The Faceless One corrupts Dourstone and convinces him to carve a secret shaft to this chamber. (DNG#125.18)
  • Luzane Parrin's husband dies mysteriously in Diamond Lake. (DNG#124.52)
  • The high priest of Heironeous at the Diamond Lake Garrison vanishes under mysterious circumstances. Valkus Dun, a priest of Heironeous from Greyhawk City, replaces the missing high priest. (DNG#124.57)

594 CY

595 CY

  • The necromancer Filge arrives in Diamond Lake at the behest of Balabar Smenk and sets up shop at the abandoned Diamond Lake Observatory. (DNG#124.40, 44)
  • The Faceless One sends a lurking strangler into the Whispering Cairn near Diamond Lake, where it becomes trapped. (DNG#124)
  • AoW AP begins.

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