Adri Forest

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The Adri Forest is a large broadleaf forest ranging between the Great Kingdom of Northern Aerdy and the United Kingdom of Ahlissa.


The Adri was once part of a vast deciduous forest that once stretched from the Flinty Hills to the Lone Heath and included the present Grandwood Forest. But imperious logging practices have long since turned much of the once great forest into pastures and farmlands for the Aerdi peoples. The Adri is now about half of its original size. The Harp River flows through the Adri on its way to Relmor Bay.

Flora and fauna

The Adri is filled with fine woods and game animals of all kinds. The lumber taken from the Adri is used for everything from shipbuilding to the making of weapons. The animals of the forest supply furs, trophies and food to hunters. Fruits and nuts are harvested from the forest and fish are taken from the Harp.


Elves and humans are found within the forest. Rangers lead armed foresters in resisting incursions into the Adri by either Ahlissa or North Kingdom. At least a half dozen druidic faiths can be found among the residents of the forest, the most prominent is that of Obad-Hai. Obad-Hai's Archdruid Immonara dwells here. Ehlonna's faithful in the Adri are very militant and support the rangers.

Features and settlements

The Ahlissan city of Innspa is located on the banks of the Harp, where the southern tip of the Flinty Hills meets the Adri. The town of Elversford, with a population of about 1,000, is located approximately eighty-five miles east-southeast of Innspa on the banks of the Harp deep inside the Adri.

It is rumored that the ruins of a legendary elven city lie at the heart of the Adri. This region of the forest is call Coldwood and is said to be a very dangerous place. The local elves prevent anyone from going there and even avoid the place themselves, lending an even more mysterious atmosphere to the location.