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Greyhawk Deity
Recorder of Ye'Cind01.jpg
The Recorder of Ye'Cind, as depicted in Book of Artifacts (1993).
Title(s) The Bard
Home Plane Arborea
Power Level Demigod
Gender Male
Class(es) wizard/bard
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Music, Magical Songs
Domains Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic
Alias(es) none
Superior Corellon Larethian

Ye'Cind is the elven demigod of Music and Magical Songs. He spends most of his time in the realm of Brightwater in Arborea. His holy symbol is a recorder.


Ye'Cind is shown as an attractive elf wearing blue and green clothing. Like his patron Corellon, he is male and female, both and neither.


Ye'Cind's allies include Olidammara, Lydia, and the good deities of the Seldarine. He opposes gods who represent evil magic.


Ye'Cind teaches that music is an inherent part of the patterns of the multiverse, and that magic and music together can create something superior to either one alone.



Ye'Cind's clerics are scholars of music, who know how to play many different musical instruments. Many clerics are also talented composers who can weave subtle magics into their songs and music.


Myths and legends


During his mortal life, Ye'Cind - skilled wizard and master bard - traveled, compiling and creating songs and ballads to tell the history of his beloved land. In time he became a bard of great renown, his notes inspiring romance in lovers and bringing laughter to the lips of weeping children. During a visit to one small kingdom, he witnessed the brutal slaying of a king, but he could not identify the assailant. Ye'Cind vanished during the night, determined to create an object that would reveal important truths. Two decades later he returned to the same kingdom for the same festival, and played before the new king with his Recorder. The years seemed to melt away as all in the crowd beheld a vision of their monarch, bloody knife in his hand, standing over the fresh corpse of his own brother. Ye'Cind smiled as the murderer was dragged away by his guards.


In time, Ye'Cind became so renowned that he was called before the Seldarine, the fraternity of elven gods, to perform at the court of the great god Corellon Larethian. That night he could do no wrong; his performance was absolutely flawless. Corellon was so moved that he transformed the minstrel, making him as androgynous and perfect as the gods themselves, a newly minted demigod.


Ye'Cind created the Recorder of Ye'Cind.


Ye'Cind is thought to have authored the following works:

  • Theory of Occult Visual Shock (DR#82.58)

Creative origins

Ye'Cind is named for Cindy, one of Gary Gygax's daughters.


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