Writing guidelines: Greyhawk realms

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In addition to the general Writing Guidelines, articles on political states should be in the following format; note that some subjects will not require every section: The Greyhawk Realm infobox should be used for all realm articles, with as many values filled in as possible. The infobox should include the realm's official name (eg, "Kingdom of Furyondy," not simply "Furyondy"), and whenever possible, should feature the heraldic device of the realm. The introductory sentence should include both the state's common and full name, as well as general location (Flanaess, Solnor ocean, etc).


This section should contain a historical overview of the realm.


The realm's precise location, border states, major geographical features (rivers, forests, mountain ranges, etc), and climate should be listed here.


An overview of the realm's population should be noted in this section.


The realm's population should be listed here.


Major religions, official and unofficial, should be noted here.


The realm's major languages appear under this heading.


The realm's general type of government (monarchy, theocracy, etc), appears here.

Administrative divisions

The realm's administrative divisions (provinces, states, duchies, counties, etc) are listed in this section.

Executive branch

Information on the realm's head of state/government appears here.

Legislative branch

Information on the realm's chief lawmaking body appears here.

Judicial branch

Information on the realm's courts and chief arbiters of justice appears here.


A description of the realm's heraldry appears in this section.


Information on the nation's economy appears under this heading.


The realm's most important resources are listed here.


Names and values of the realm's currencies appear in this section.


Information on roads and navigable waterways appears here.


Information on the realm's military and naval forces falls under this section.


Maps of the realm appear here.


Sources and further reading on the realm appear here.