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In addition to the general Writing Guidelines, articles on deities and other powers should be in the following format; note that some subjects will not require every section:

The Greyhawk Deity infobox should be used for all deity articles, with as many values filled in as possible.

The introductory sentence should include the deity's name, portfolio, and racial origin (Suel, Elven, giant, etcetera), if applicable. The portfolio should also be capitalized. The subject's symbol should be noted in the introductory paragraph.


This section should contain information on the subject's appearance, as well as weapons the subject commonly wields.


Important relationships, including relatives, friends, servants, and foes, should be noted here.


This section should contain detail information on the subject's realm. If information is scarce, realm information can be placed at the begining of the article.


The subject's outlook on the world and basics of the faith should be placed here. This section may contain subsections, such as "Scriptures."


General information on those who revere the subject and where the subject is popular, may be placed here. This section will almost always have a subsection on "Clergy," and others ("Paladins," "Druids," etc) may also be appropriate.


Duties, dress, and activities of the clergy appear here.


General information about the subject's places of worship, as well as particularly notable locations, may appear here.


Services, sacrifices, and other rituals appear here.

Holy days

Religious observances important to the subject appear here.


Powerful magic items associated with the subject should appear here.

Myths and legends

Myths and legends concerning the subject should appear here.


History of the subject, especially before attaining divinity, as well as any general history of the faith, should appear here.

Creative origins

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Publishing history

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See also

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External links

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