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In addition to the general Writing Guidelines, articles on Greyhawk creatures should be in the following format; note that some subjects will not require every section:

The Greyhawk creature infobox should be used for all creature articles, with as many values filled in as possible.

The format used generally follows that established in the Monster Manual IV.

The introductory paragraph should contain, at minimum, the creature's name (in bold) and type, followed by the following sections.


Generally, this section will describe the creature's "role" and how it interacts with the surrounding world.


The environment the creature typically lives in.

Typical physical characteristics





This section should describe the creature's society and culture.


This section should contain details on deities worshipped by the creature, as well as any notable religios practices.


Details on languages used by the creature should appear in this section.


In game historical information, such as origins, or earliest records of the creature, should appear here.

Creative origins

See general Writing Guidelines for usage.

Publishing history

See general Writing Guidelines for usage.

See also

See general Writing Guidelines for usage.


See general Writing Guidelines for usage.

External links

See general Writing Guidelines for usage.