World Serpent Inn

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Greyhawk Plane
World Serpent Inn
Type Transitive
Layers n/a
Alignment None
Native Inhabitants None
Greyhawk Powers None

The World Serpent Inn is an extraplanar tavern and hostelry containing portals to many worlds and planes.


The World Serpent Inn consists of a common room built around a central bar and surrounded by a maze of shifting, ever-changing back passages and rooms, which extend into infinity, often looping back to the main room. The plane has its own border Ethereal Plane and it overlaps the Plane of Shadow.

Portals to the World Serpent Inn exist in a tavern called The Wild Goose in the Artisans' Quarter of the Free City of Greyhawk and Helkam's Pit in Irongate. There is at least one portal to the World Serpent Inn in Sigil, the extraplanar City of Doors, and a portal outside the gate-town of Ecstasy in the Outlands. Countless other portals exist in the World Serpent's many back rooms and passageways, most of them temporary.

The key to the portal in the front of The Wild Goose involves knocking on an imaginary door and invoking the name of any deity.


The inn's common room resembles an ancient tavern with wooden floors and beams, though precise details vary depending on the visitors and their world of origin. The other rooms and halls vary wildly in materials used to make them. The barkeep is a fat, white-bearded man called Mitchifer. If examined closely, it becomes clear that Mitchifer's "beard" is actually a mass of white snakes, and his eyes contain black doors instead of irises. The servers are generally female faerie gnomes called "serpent wenches."

It is difficult to cause harm to other creatures while in the World Serpent Inn, and wounds heal much faster than they do on most other planes. Visitors to the Inn do not age, but do experience hunger and thirst. Ethereal, intangible, and magically invisible creatures are plainly visible while in the World Serpent Inn.

Visitors to the inn are many, including dead races, unborn gods, and engineers of worlds yet unmade. Regulars include the lizardman Phoebus.


Some sages have suggested that the plane on which the World Serpent Inn is constructed is a fragment of the World Serpent archetype, a divine being of which the gods Merrshaulk, Shekinester, Jazirian, Io, and perhaps even Asmodeus are mere aspects of, and that the rooms and portals of the plane are created by that being's dreams. There is, however, no hard evidence of this beyond the inn's name. The inn itself is centuries old, said in many descriptions to have been created by the mercane trader Ilyndele of the Arcane, the illithid High One Sharth, and a third creator whose name varies depending on the tale. Most Oerthly sages agree that the third creator is from the world of Oerth, however.


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