Wizardholme of Urnst

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Greyhawk Organization
Wiardholme of Urnst
Type Magicians Guild
Founded Unknown
Members Warnes Starcoat, Keoghtom(former)
Leader Warnes Starcoat
Headquarters Seltaren, Duchy of Urnst
Allies Unknown
Enemies Unknown

The Wizardholme of Urnst is a small magical society and school headquartered in the city of Seltaren in the Duchy of Urnst, with a chapterhouse in the city of Leukish.


The Wizardholme was founded many centuries ago by wandering Suloise mages.


The archmage Warnes Starcoat is its most notable alumnus today, being "Chief Sorcerous Councilor to the Joint Courts of Urnst." Starcoat rose to this position after the mysterious disappearence of the Seer of Urnst.


The legendary Keoghtom was once listed on the members roll, before disappearing into the Celadon forest, where it is said he still lives.

The mages of the Wizardholme keep their thoughts focused upon the south and east, towards the Abbor-Alz and the Celadon forest. The "Emperor of the Bright Desert," Rary, compels their attention as they have already been forced to dispatch one of his spies, caught in their very sanctum.


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