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Greyhawk Settlement
Realm Theocracy of the Pale
Size Unknown
Established Unknown
Government Theocracy
Alignment LN
Population See text
Races Unknown
Languages Unknown
Religions Pholtus
Authority Figures Theocrat Ogon Tillit, Prelate Sarynn Reddick, Bishop Anonsis

Wintershiven is the capital city of the Theocracy of the Pale.


In 342 CY Ceril the Relentless instituted the Council of Nine, which elected a Theocrat and founded the present nation. By 356 CY Nyrond had broken away from the Great Kingdom and launched a military invasion of the Pale, burning Wintershiven to the ground. The city was rebuilt approximately 20 leagues to the north and closer to the Yol river. Nyrond occupied the Pale until 450 CY when, at the Great Council of Rel Mord King Dunstan I of Nyrond recognized the Pale's independence and Wintershiven became the realm's capital city.

Geography and climate

Winters in Wintershiven are harsh and cold, with heavy snowfall.



See the "Notes" section.


Wintershiven is the "Seat" of Pholtus' worship. The worship of all other gods is strongly suppressed.



A Theocracy ruled by the Church.

Administrative Divisions

Wintershiven is directly ruled by the Church, even more so than other Palish cities. Theocrat Ogon Tillit is said to "sit on the Throne of the Sun" and rule in Pholtus' name, from Wintershiven. Also, Wintershiven is the "Seat" of the Archdiocese of Wintershiven which is governed by Prelate Sarynn Reddick, one of the Council of Nine. Bishop Anonsis oversees the day to day affairs of the city itself, much as would a Lord Mayor.

Executive Branch

The Church Militant enforces the laws and decrees of the Church from its headquarters on Temple Hill and is overseen by Cardinal-Commander Reifus, "the Paganhammer," who demands a rigid adherence to the scriptures.

Legislative Branch

Theocracy ruled by the Church.








The World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting list the city's population as 21,500.

The module From the Ashes list the city's population as 23,400.

The Living Greyhawk Gazetteer list the city's population as 39,900.