Wild Coast

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Greyhawk Realm
Wild Coast
Region Central Flanaess
Ruler Formerly, several; currently, Lord Mayor Nerof Gasgal of Greyhawk and Turrosh Mak of the Pomarj
Government Formerly, coalition of several independent towns and fiefs; currently, northern areas under control of the Domain of Greyhawk and southern portions controlled by the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj
Established Unknown
Capital none
Major Towns Narwell, Safeton, Elredd, Badwall, Fax
Provinces Formerly five major city-states, plus several smaller fiefs and settlements

The Wild Coast refers to a large coastal stretch of land on the western shore of Woolly Bay.


Little more than a collection of five major city-states for most of its history, the Wild Coast has long held a reputation for being untamed. Prior to the Greyhawk Wars, each city-state controlled its own affairs. However, things changed once Turrosh Mak gained control of the Pomarj. In 584 CY, Mak's forces marched north, taking the towns of Elredd, Badwall, and Fax, thus conquering the entire southern Wild Coast. The remaining towns of Safeton and Narwell escaped destruction only by swearing fealty to Greyhawk, resulting in the northern Wild Coast being absorbed into the Free City's domain.


The Wild Coast is bordered by the Suss Forest to the south, the Welkwood to the west, the Gnarley Forest to the north, and Woolly Bay to the east.

Other locations on the Wild Coast include Nol-Daer and Newtemple.

In Dragon Magazine #90, two fiefdoms mentioned nowhere else are referred to in an article called "Playing the Political Game." These are the domain of Luxor and, sandwiched between Luxor and the Suss Forest, the smaller domain of Karmagia.



Due to the independent nature of the Wild Coast, no one standard has been adopted as representative of the entire region. However, the various city-states have traditionally carried their own devices:

  • Elredd: Lozengy or and vert
  • Fax: Argent, three lozenges gules
  • Narwell: Barry of eight, azure and argent
  • Safeton: Vair, a canton paly of six sable and or


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