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Greyhawk Settlement
Realm The Yeomanry League
Size Unknown
Established Unknown
Government Democratic Republic
Alignment LG*, LN, CG, NG
Population 2,500
Races Human, Halfling, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, half-Elf, half-Orc
Languages Common, Keolandish, Halfling, Elven
Religions Phaulkon, Heironeous, Trithereon, Allitur, Fortubo, Fharlanghn, Zilchus, Delleb, Joramy, Norebo, Kord, halfling pantheon, dwarven pantheon
Authority Figures Unknown

Westburn is a city in the The Yeomanry League and is the governmental "Seat" of one of the nation's five high districts.


Geography and climate

Westburn is located in the southwest portion of the Yeomanry, near the conjunction of the Crystalmists, Hellfurnaces and Salhaut Mountains.


Like the rest of the Yeomanry, Westburn is home to humans of Suel, Oeridian and Flan mix, as well as halflings, dwarves gnomes and elves, with a sprinkling of half-elves and half-orcs to be found there as well.


Westburn has a population of 2,500.


There are congregations dedicated to Heironeous, Phaulkon, Trithereon, Zilchus, Allitur, Norebo, Kord, Fharlanghn, Delleb, Joramy, Fortubo and the halfling and dwarven pantheons.


Common, Keolandish, Halfling and Elvish.


Democratic Republic.

Administrative Divisions

Westburn is one of the five high districts of The Yeomanry League.

Executive Branch

A Grosspokesman.

Legislative Branch

Council of Common Grosspokesmen in Loftwick.





Freegold (gp), halfgold (ep), silver (sp), common (cp).



The Yeomanry maintains a garrison here. The Yeomanry's army is made up of heavy polearms, spearmen, crossbowmen, slingers, small clavary units and demi-human contingents of elven bowmen and spearmen, dwarven mailed foot and halfling light troops.


A dozen years ago, a cavernous tunnel was found not far from Westburn. The tunnel pierces the mountains and leads all the way to the Sea of Dust. Its been identified as the Passage of Slerotin and since its rediscovery, traders and adventurers have arrived in the area in droves. A small town was built near the sight to handle this traffic, the town is called Dark Gate.

Ten miles from Dark Gate is a small village of thrity-eight inhabitants. All thrity-eight have disappeared with no explanation. The Grosspokesman of Westburn is under pressure from the capital, Loftwick, to discover what has happened.