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Greyhawk Deity
Title(s) The Alewife, Harvest Daughter
Home Plane Arvandor
Power Level Lesser
Gender Female
Alignment Chaotic Good
Portfolio Autumn, West Wind, Harvest, Brewing
Domains Air, Chaos, Family, Good, Plant
Alias(es) none
Superior Velnius

Wenta (WEN-tah) is the Oeridian goddess of Autumn, Brewing, Harvest, and the West Wind. Her symbol is a large mug of beer.


Wenta always appears as a young, rosy-cheeked, buxom woman with straw in her hair, holding a large mug of beer.


Wenta is the youngest of the three daughters of Procan, and a cousin of Merikka. The youngest of the Velaeri, she is sister to Velnius, Telchur, Atroa, and Sotillion. She dislikes her brother Telchur, seeing him as a black sheep perpetually on her heels. She prefers to go where her heart takes her, and thus has been romantically linked to many deities, but never for long.


Wenta is a free spirit, travelling where the wind takes her, but can currently be found in Arvandor, drinking beer with the Seldarine.


Wenta sends the cool winds of autumn as a signal that it is time to reap the harvest. She advocates staving off winter's chill with beer and ale, and instructs brewers to care for their product as they would a lover. Wenta rewards each day of hard work with pleasantly cool nights, boon companions, and plenty of good spirits to loosen the tongue and quicken the heart.


Wenta is usually worshiped with her siblings as part of the Velaeri, the Oeridian agricultural gods. She is thus revered by farmers and others who depend on the land's bounty. She is also honored by brewers, vinters, and nearly anyone who would partake of their products.


Wenta's priests are friendly, sociable, and unafraid to speak with strangers. They pray for their spells during a brief interval preceding sundown. Their duties include organizing gatherings (particularly those where alcohol will be present), and directing harvest procedures so that work is finished early and shared fairly by all. Many Wentan priests work as brewmasters and often travel to various regions of the world to enjoy the weather and partake of the local spirits. The priests of the Alewife often adventure to visit old friends and make new ones, or simply because they agreed to do so while under the effects of alcohol. Holy water created by the priesthood is actually blessed ale or beer. The club is their favored weapon.


Places of worship to Wenta are often dedicated to the Velaeri as a whole. These locations are found throughout Oeridian lands, including Ahlissa, the Bone March, the Gran March, Highfolk, Ratik, Sunndi, the County of Urnst, and Veluna. Though worship of the Velaeri is forbidden in the Theocracy of the Pale, they are honored in secret by many farmers and country folk.

Holy days

Wenta regards the week of Brewfest as holy, though she prefers that people honor her during this time by cavorting and drinking instead of praying.


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