Warnes Starcoat

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Greyhawk Character
Warnes Starcoat
Warnes Starcoat, as depicted in Living Greyhawk Journal #0 (2000). Art by Sam Wood.
Homeland Duchy of Urnst
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 63 (circa 597 CY)
Class Wizard 20
Alignment Neutral

Warnes Starcoat is a powerful human wizard, and a member of the Circle of Eight since 585 CY. He is also a Counselor to the Courts of Urnst and Chief Sorcerous Councilor (an office also known as "Chief Magical Councilor") to Duke Karll of the Duchy of Urnst.


Warnes appears as a greatly-refined gentleman of Suel ethnicity, though his complexion is tanned from spending much of his time outdoors. His beard is short and well-trimmed.

Warnes wears the Starcoat, a magical coat as black as the night that glimmers with distant stars, and is rarely seen without his wide-brimmed, plumed hat.


Warnes does not wish Agath of Thrunch to outshine him. He dislikes thieves. Alhamazad dislikes him. Jallarzi Sallavarian was at one time his student. Bigby only grudgingly agreed to admit him into the Circle. Theodain Eriason views him with suspicion, while Warnes in turn views Theodain as an unreliable firebrand whose methods are morally questionable at best.

Warnes' patron deity is Zagyg.


Warnes was born in 534 CY in Leukish, capital of the Duchy of Urnst, to a merchant family of moderate influence and wealth. The third son of four, he was sent to the city of Seltaren when he came of age, to study magic at the Wizardholme of Urnst. Warnes proved to be quite talented, becoming a well-regarded generalist mage before the age of thirty. He was soon made a junior assistant to the Seer of Urnst, but left the position due to philosophical differences. Warnes' victory over the Weird of Gnatmarsh made him the most respected wizard in the region.

Warnes helped retrieve the Crook of Rao from the Isle of the Ape, thwarting the machinations of Iggwilv.


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