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The Vesve Forest and environs, as depicted on the Paizo map (2005).

The Vesve Forest (or High Forest) is the largest hardwood forest in the Flanaess. The Vesve is bordered to the north by the plains of the Wolf Nomads; to the west by the Sepia Uplands, Clatspur Range, and Highvale; to the east by the Dulsi River, Whyestil Lake, and the plains of Furyondy; and to the south by the Velverdyva River.

The Vesve is split between various factions, including the forces of Iuz, indigenous hobgoblin and gnoll tribes, and native elves, humans, gnomes, and beastmen. Given that the Empire of Iuz claims the entire forest, as well as the fact that the Treaty of Greyhawk did not establish clear borders within the Vesve, the woodland often serves as a battleground between Iuz and the good folk of the forest, supported by Furyondy, Veluna, Highfolk, and the Knights of the Hart. The northernmost portion of the forest, a narrow strip separated by the Deepstil River, is claimed by the Wolf Nomads.


The Vesve Forest has vast resources, including several excellent woods, incenses, preservatives, plant resins (used in waterproofing), and medicinal herbs and berries. The neighboring states of Veluna, Furyondy, and Highfolk greatly depend on these resources for their economic well-being.




The northeastern portions of the Vesve are inhabited by the forces of Iuz (mainly orcs, but also gnolls, hobgoblins, and some ogres and trolls).

The western and southwestern Vesve is held by the high and wood elves of the forest, currently numbering around 13,000. A small community of grey elves is located in the central Vesve, around the Timeless Tree. About 20,000 humans also inhabit the Vesve, mostly in the elven regions (591 CY estimates). About 500 humans can be found in the northernmost region, just north of the Deepstil.

Most of the Vesve's 6000 gnomes make their homes in the Gnome Hills, a northwestern swathe of the forest descending from the Sepia Uplands. Approximately 800 beastmen inhabit the region just south of these hills, known as the Beastman Forest. Sprites, brownies, and other fey creatures also dwell here. Some 3000 halflings also live in the Vesve (591 CY estimates).

The so-called Goblinoid Lands, a central swathe of the forest between Iuz's forces and the elven regions, is inhabited by a smattering of native hobgoblin and gnoll tribes, numbering about 3500 and 2500, respectively. Some 1500 hobgoblins and 1000 gnolls inhabit other regions of the Vesve (585 CY estimates).

Features and settlements

Notable features and settlements of the Vesve Forest include:


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