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Greyhawk Organization
Type Arcane
Founded Prehistoric
Members Wizards, sorcerers, necromancers
Leader Various
Allies Old Faith
Enemies Aerdi, City of the Summer Stars

The Ur-Flan, called the "Ur-Flannae" in Ivid the Undying, were rare mystics, sorcerers, wizards, and necromancers among the ancient Flan tribes and kingdoms.


They were greatly feared by the Flan, moreso than by the Oeridians who succeeded them as masters of the Flanaess, and known for their facility in necromantic magic. The druids of the Old Faith allied themselves with the Ur-Flannae at times, or at least elected not to challenge them when they did not greatly damage the balance of nature, and it is said that some among the druids still preserve some of the ancient Ur-Flannae lore and secrets.

Named Ur-Flannae mystics include Vecna and Keraptis. Some of the depraved families of the Ataphads trace their ancestry to the Ur-Flan of old.

The Northern Adepts of Old Blackmoor are believed to have been Ur-Flan wizards, though their magic was primarily protective in nature. Poems of the Northern Adepts have been passed down that contain the secrets to strengthening abjuration spells.


There are said to be three of the greatest of the Ur-Flannae mystics buried beneath the Isle of Cursed Souls. Ur-Flannae mages and necromancers helped bring down the City of the Summer Stars.

More than eight centuries ago, Lum the Mad wielded the sword Druniazth against Ur-Flannae sorcerers of the Thelwood. In -108 CY, Ur-Flan insurgents attempted to assassinate the King of Aerdy by summoning a "winged horror."


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