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Greyhawk Character
Homeland unknown
Gender Male
Race Human
Age unknown
Class Wizard
Alignment unknown

Tzunk, also spelled "Tzoonk," was an archmage and a former user of the Codex of the Infinite Planes.


After the sinking of the Isles of Woe but before the coming of the City of the Gods, Tzunk was a powerful archmage. After a lifetime of study, he discovered the Codex, and after much ritualistic preparation he set out to conquer the City of Brass. With two dyoph slaves bearing the tome before him, he invoked magic forces that cleared away a huge channel of buildings in a straight line from the Brazen Gates to the Charcoal Palace. As powerful as the Codex was, he was no match for an army of four million efreet. Tzunk was bested in battle and brought to the efreeti sultan in chains. The cleared area was made a racing route; it is now called the Maidan.

Tzunk, if tales be true, suffered a terrible retribution for his hubris. His body was cut into a hundred parts; the portions scattered to the winds, burned in fire, dissolved in acidic waters, and buried below the earth. And yet the power of the Codex would not let him die.

In the northern wastes beyond the Barrens, there is said to be a tomb holding Tzunk's hands. Constructs with arcane powers guard it, and the tomb itself is filled with magical and mundane traps, secret portals, passages, and mazes. If uncovered from their burial place, legends say the hands will animate themselves, serving their rescuer as divinatory tools but slowly dominating their user in order to seek out the other parts of Tzunk's indestructible, scattered body.


Tzunk is known to have authored the following works:

  • Dissimulation and Obscuration
  • Nesser Opuscule (DR#297.91)

Creative Origins

Tzunk is an anagram for Robert J. Kuntz's last name.

Publishing History

Tzunk was first mentioned (as Tzoonk) in Eldritch Wizardry in the entry for the Codex of the Infinite Planes, and appeared as Tzunk in the 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide and the Book of Artifacts.

Iuz the Evil described the Tomb of Tzunk's Hands, detailing the archmage's dreadful fate. However, it identified Tzunk as the Wizard-Priest of the Isles of Woe, something The Adventure Begins did as well. Secrets of the Lamp went into more detail about the misadventure in the City of Brass, and never connected Tzunk to the Isles. Other sources imply that Tzunk came into the book's possession after the Wizard-Priest.


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