Tyrants of the Trask

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The tyrants of the Trask were an ancient Flan society, presumably based around the Trask River in present-day North Kingdom. They were "quite evil and exceedingly bellicose," leaving the invading Oeridians (of House Naelax) little choice but to wipe them out, destroying the bulk of their magic and writings.


  • It's presumed that the tyrants of the Trask, or a nearby group of similar bent, were responsible for the Flan attacks on the elven City of Summer Stars.
  • It's also conceivable that Keraptis was originally from this region.


In Oerth Journal #22, Samuel D. Weiss names the tyrants of the Trask the "Tirasqi," a name also intended to evoke not only the Trask River, but also the tarrasque.