Turrosh Mak

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Greyhawk Character
Turrosh Mak
Turrosh Mak01.jpg
Turrosh Mak, c. 591 CY, as depicted in Slavers (2000).
Homeland Kalen Lekos, Pomarj
Gender Male
Race Half-orc
Age Middle-aged
Class Fighter 7/Assassin 7 (as Theg Narlot); Fighter 14 (in From the Ashes); Fighter 10/Assassin 12 (in Slavers); Fighter 16 (3rd edition)
Alignment Neutral evil (lawful evil as Theg Narlot)

His Most Ferocious Majesty, Turrosh Mak is the Despot of the Orcish Empire of the Pomarj.


Turrosh Mak is an unattractive half-orc, although he is able to pass easily as an ugly human. When addressing his orcish followers, he disguises himself and wears orcish war regalia in order to look more like one of them. He is tall and strong-bodied, but is starting to go gray at his temples. He is an intelligent and ruthless warrior, a survivor who will use any dirty trick at his disposal to stay alive.

Turrosh Mak normally wears magical chainmail, but he will wear leather armor instead if he's trying to sneak around.


Turrosh Mak is a founding member of the Slave Lords and is still closely allied with their present incarnation. He has pledged himself to the Earth Dragon in return for power, and is thus allied with that god's cult.


Turrosh Mak's home in the hidden city of Kalen Lekos looks like a fortress with barred windows, a triple-locked door, and two subterranean escape routes. Every room contains a weapon within easy reach.


Turrosh Mak was formerly known as Theg Narlot. In 569 CY he joined a secret brotherhood assembled by Stalman Klim named the Nine. Later it would be renamed the Slave Lords. In 574 CY, the Nine assassinated King Rodric of Suderham; as the group's assassin, presumedly Theg Narlot executed the man himself. Within a matter of hours, the Nine had taken over the city. For four years the Slave Lords kidnapped and sold slaves all around the Sea of Gearnat. In 580 CY the Slave Lords were defeated by a band of adventurers, and the city of Suderham from which they ruled was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Flamenblut. Theg Narlot disappeared into the Pomarj, but reemerged in the early 580s as Turrosh Mak, who used a combination of judicious assassinations and brute military force to unite the humanoid tribes of the region and forge them into a kingdom.

In Readying of 584 CY, Despot Mak sent his troops to conquer the southern Wild Coast and the eastern Principality of Ulek. Some of the Principality's lands were recaptured in a major battle in 586 CY. Turrosh Mak now works to build an orcish and human navy of pirates with which to extend his power across the sea.

Publishing History

The half-orc assassin Theg Narlot first appeared in In the Dungeons of the Slave Lords by Lawrence Schick in 1981. The despot of the Pomarj Turrosh Mak first appeared in From the Ashes by Carl Sargent in 1992. With different alignments and classes (Narlot was a lawful evil fighter/assassin, while Mak was a neutral evil fighter) there was originally little to link the two characters apart from their race and location in the Pomarj, but Sean K. Reynolds and Chris Pramas decided in their book Slavers that the two half-orcs were one and the same. This has not been mentioned since then, however, and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer retained Turrosh Mak's class and alignment rather than using Theg Narlot's statistics as a base, as Slavers had.


Theg Narlot.jpg Theg Narlot02.jpg


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